Young people want change. Let’s listen.

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It’s no surprise that a generation who grew up on the internet has plenty of insights on how to make it better. These teens want you to know that social media affects their lives in very real ways, and it shouldn’t just be up to them to create safe online spaces. They’re challenging today’s biggest technology companies to thoughtfully improve their platforms for young people and the world at large. Together, we can all help technology become a force for good.

Tell the tech industry what it needs to change online. Share your voice. #DearSocialMedia


Want to educate your peers about healthy online life? Use these resources to inform and empower your community.


By investing in an ecosystem of anytime, anywhere learning, the Susan Crown Exchange (SCE) prepares youth to thrive in a rapidly changing world. SCE primarily supports organizations that operate in out-of-school time, prioritizing nonprofits that promote social and emotional learning and explore the relationships between technology and society.


Chicago Ideas is a nonprofit platform that exists to connect and inspire individuals to create a more joyous, thriving world for everyone. The Chicago Ideas Youth Program, which serves 1,400 students annually, provides a platform where high school students can internalize a leadership mentality and gain exposure to ideas that will increase their capacity to impact the world around them.

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